And it’s good exercise

It has finally started to rain again here in Seattle, a sure sign that fall will be on its way soon. I couldn’t be happier. A hot and dry city just isn’t the same place. All the trees got a good soaking yesterday, and the sidewalks are fresh and clean. It seems appropriate somehow, since September is traditionally the start of a new school semester. Even though I no longer attend, I always feel renewed at this time of year.

I love the change in climate, but I also love the change in mood. September is more introspective. It suits my personality after the hectic pace of summer. I’ve been busy—I visited my family, I moved across town, and I’ve been job hunting up a storm. I’ve spent the requisite time at barbecues, parties, and outdoor concerts. I even started to juggle again. It’s a hobby I’ve always enjoyed, but I’d set it aside until recently, only occasionally picking up my balls to have a toss.

I picked it up again when I tried Devil Sticks. If you haven’t seen these toys, it’s a bit hard to describe them. The juggler holds two rubberized sticks in her hands, and she uses these to toss a weighted staff back and forth. She must keep the staff in motion and in the air, and a number of tricks can be performed, twirling the middle staff like a propeller, flipping it, or doing numerous catches. I’ve known about Devil Sticks for years, but once I tried it I was hooked. The same toy store where I found the Devil Sticks also had practice juggling clubs, and I decided to get those, too. When I learned to juggle I gave up on clubs, because the ones I had were wooden. I got bonked in the head too many times, and the injuries were adding up. These new ones are light plastic. It’s time to try again.

My return to old tricks seems perfect for the impending season change. I may no longer be in school, but I’m always studying new ways to be joyful. Who’d want to ever graduate from such a fun program?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

169. Is it time for you to pick up an old hobby? Perhaps you’d like to explore a new one? Consider your options, and have some fun.

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