I’m behind the window

On weekends I like to do things a little differently. Enjoy!

Behind the green glass door:

There are floors but no ceilings,

doors but no windows,

schoolyards but no children,

and feet but no hands.

Bunnies, rabbits and kittens are welcome

but cats, dogs and hamsters have to stay out.

Behind the red plastic window:

There are spaniels but no terriers,

Persians but no Maine coons.

You can have milk but no cookies,

drink tea but not coffee, and

nap but not sleep.

Do the following items go behind the door or the window? Bicycles, scooters, silly putty, bubbles and Play-doh.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the Wikipedia article. I thought this was fun when I discovered it.


See you tomorrow!


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