Maybe rabbit ears would help

Did you ever start doing something and just have your brain seem to go empty? I feel a bit like that today. It’s not writer’s block. That’s something I don’t get. I don’t believe in it, which is probably why I haven’t been cursed with it. I’m just not sure what to talk about in the blog today. Lots of things are going on, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a lot of time to process it all. Today might be a little bit random. Please bear with me, or skip along and wait until tomorrow to read again.

The sing-along version of Mamma Mia was really fun. My friend and I sang through the whole thing, and we weren’t the only ones in the theater raising our voices. It made an already joyful movie into an even more joyful experience, and as I was dressed for brunch in a 1940s hat I felt equal to the occasion. I love to have a chance to dress up now and then. I highly recommend the experience, and my friend plans to buy the DVD when it comes out and have a costume party to honor Abba’s unique and wayward sense of fashion. It should be frightening.

The brunch I attended was celebrating the twentieth anniversary of my chapter of Toastmasters International. Each chapter of the group has a different feel to it, and I particularly like the one I attend because I find the people to be charming, supportive and interesting. Some groups are more business-like than ours, too. We have an informality about us that suits me. It was fun to get together and celebrate the chemistry we share as we improve our speaking skills. I’d recommend Toastmasters highly, and suggest that if you went to a meeting and did not like it that you might wish to try a meeting in a different place. The atmosphere may be totally different.

See you tomorrow, when I may or may not be more focused. You’ll have to come back to find out.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

181.  Next time you’re feeling a little bit random, just go with it. Serendipity may lead you to some amazing discoveries, or you may simply learn that it’s okay when things aren’t perfect and organized. Once you’ve spent a random day, figure out if you learned anything from the experience.


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