I’ve barely even started

I’m going to slightly diverge from my usual format today to share an idea that my friend Laurel Winter posted in her marvelous blog Winter in Asheville. Laurie always has suggestions to her readers for things to do instead of reading blogs, and her most recent idea was to make a list of seventy-five things you appreciate.

So here, in no specific order, are the first seventy-five things that come to mind: My friend Laurie. Spicy chai. Rain. Pigeons. Shakespeare in any form. Poetry. Catcher in the Rye. Tolkien. Stand-up comedy. Wet sidewalks. Water fountains. Navy beans simmered until smushy. The company of writers. Libraries. Architecture. The buzz of urban spaces. Blue glass. Family. Sparkly things. Doo-wop music. Square dancing. Country music. Funky words. Cowboy boots. My fingers. Hats of all sorts. Serendipity. Walking. This blog and the people who read it. Classic cars, especially the 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. Buddhism. Emptiness. Quiet places. The sounds of nature. The sounds of the city. Windows. Drizzle. Overcast skies. Pierogis. Cannolis. Pizza. Chrome. Design. The internet. My friends. Seattle. New York. Minnesota. British culture. Crossword puzzles. All dancing. Bright colors. Art supplies. Office supplies. Musicals. Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Merry-go-rounds. Chuck Taylors. Arm warmers. Chain mail. History. Film noir. Mystery novels. Conversations with strangers. Bubbles. Toys. Soup. Relaxing with a book and a hot beverage. Roller skates. Tea. Bicycles. Origami. Scented flowers. Cats. Window displays.

I could keep going, but that’s seventy-five, or close to it. I didn’t want to count it more than once, because I don’t think precision matters here. I was already in a great mood when I started the list, but now I feel even more joyful. How cool is that?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

183. Sit down and make your own list, just picking the first seventy-five things that come to your head. How did it feel? Was it easy or difficult? You might want to keep the list around as an inspiration to yourself.

Link, should you desire it:

If you want to check out Laurie’s list, it’s at:


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