Fairy tales can come true

Speech is a very powerful tool, and I’m using the words I speak to keep myself young. I know a lot of people who started to refer to themselves as old once they hit thirty. I’m older than that, and I haven’t begun to be old yet. I don’t intend to be old for a long time, and I plan to never start calling myself elderly. I’m listening when I talk, and I don’t want to convince myself of something that isn’t useful.

I have also noticed these same acquaintances refer to slight lapses in memory as “senior moments.” This is beyond silly. Most of these people are not seniors by any definition, and people of all ages have little memory lapses. I’ve never had a perfect memory, and I don’t expect that I ever shall. I’ve never met anyone else who appeared to have a perfect memory. I think this “senior moment” business makes people feel handicapped in some way. If you think that your memory can’t handle simple tasks, it won’t be able to. My friend Laurie discovered this when she decided to stop saying that she could not remember people’s names. As soon as she stopped saying that, she started to remember them. I followed her example, and now I’m recalling more names, too. It’s funny how that works.

I know that I will age. Indeed I age every moment of every day. I’m ten years older than I was ten years ago. I also know that a positive attitude goes a long towards growing older joyfully. I know lots of older people, and the ones who don’t spend all their time talking about senior moments and being old seem to be the happiest of the bunch. I enjoy getting older, because the longer I live the more myself I become, and I know other people for whom this is true. I am glad to have left behind some of the uncertainty of my younger days, and I look forward to all the experiences I have yet to have.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

190. Take a moment to think about how old you are. Revel in your age, and think about how you refer to it. How does the language you use about your age make you feel?

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