Such great female characters

I’ve been having one of those low energy sorts of weeks. Lots of times I work work work and get a lot done, but sometimes I just don’t seem to have the drive. I try to respect myself when that happens. I get done what I must, but I realize that my energy will only come back if I rest and give myself the break I must be craving. Otherwise my body will have to get sick to make me stop working so hard. I don’t want it to come to that, so I slow things down a bit. I did that at the beginning of the week and I watched some great movies. It helped to inspire me again.

I finally got to see Volver (2006, Pedro Almodóvar). I am so happy I did. Almodóvar has been one of my favorite directors ever since I saw Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988). I haven’t seen everything in between, but this movie has the same spirit as the first movie that got me hooked. This a crime story without mean-spiritedness. It’s uplifting in weird little ways, and I always feel like his movies are shot like modern art stills. The colors and panoramas in the film stun me. The dialogue is funny and weird, and I learned from the extras that the director truly is a man of La Mancha. This grounding in the Spanish countryside gives him some of his imaginative background and helps to inform the quirky traditions he portrays in his films. I also love both of these films because the original Spanish sounds so intense—these movies are subtitled, but even if they could dub them in English it just wouldn’t be the same.

This is a movie I’ll probably see numerous times. It intrigues me. I also liked the soundtrack. The director always chooses very evocative music for his films, and I’ve got a compilation disk of music from his movies that I listen to all the time. I am glad that I discovered his work so long ago, and I look forward to seeking out films I may have missed. If you haven’t seen one of his films, I suggest one of these two to start with. You’re missing something really special.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

192. Share a favorite movie with a friend who hasn’t seen it. Pop some popcorn, share some snacks, and relax. Next time, watch something your friend suggests. What did you learn?

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