We twirl a lot

I’ve been thinking about crinolines lately. This would be an unusual topic if it came up in a random way, but since I square dance it’s not as random as you might think. Most modern western square dancers no longer follow a dress code, so we are not required to wear the short pouffy skirts. Since no one is forcing us, several of us are thinking about getting one and trying it out at a dance to see if it’s a fun outfit to dance in.

My main concern is that I pick the right skirt length. I was talking this over with another woman in the group. We’ve both got ample hips and chubby legs, and I told her that I was afraid of looking like the tutu-wearing hippo in the movie Fantasia. “So what if we do?” she said. “I still want one.” I think she may just have a point. I think I’ll start looking for an inexpensive skirt.

See you tomorrow!


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