Productive and relaxing

I had a very productive weekend. I finally got everything unpacked that I wanted to get unpacked, and all the boxes in my little apartment have either been dealt with or tucked away for future projects. It feels great. I managed to get this done because I had a deadline. It really helps, as it’s so much easier to get ready to move than to unpack. You know you need to get it done by a certain time, so you do. Even so, I procrastinated, but I was finally able to barrel down due to audio books.

When I have a non-writing project to do at home, I’ll often borrow audio books from the library. That way I can be having fun while I tackle whatever it is that I happen to have been avoiding. I’m so glad I did that this time, too. Not only did I empty the boxes, I really loved the books I listed to. I’ve also become a really huge fan of comedian David Brenner.

I’ve always loved standup comedy, and I’ve always thought David Brenner to be funny, but I’ve never before understood how inspiring he can be. This weekend I listened to a book of his titled I think there’s a terrorist in my soup: how to survive personal and world problems with laughter—seriously (2003). I loved this book. I’ve always used my sense of humor to survive. It’s the only reason I’ve lived this long. David Brenner’s book gives specific examples of current world crises and explains how to find the humor in them. He also covers personal crises. I learned so much from listening to him, even while I laughed and laughed.

One example concerns his personal approach to worries about money. He said that his family always had two sayings. One was that if you worry about money, you’ll have money worries. Makes sense to me. His other saying was that instead of worrying about how to save money, you should focus on making more. That’s also very practical. If you’re feeling like the news is stressing you out and you just can’t seem to calm down, I’d suggest that you find this book right away. If possible, get the audio. Comedians are always so much funnier if you can hear them. I’d also suggest you stop listening to the news that’s stressing you out. When something hurts, you should stop doing it, right? Makes sense to me.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

194. Next time a stressful situation comes up, see how you can find the humor in it, or use your sense of humor to deal with whatever is going on.


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