And make plans to vote, too

I’m glad that I don’t have a television, and it’s partly because there are some things I don’t have an opportunity to watch. One of these things is the Late Late Show with host Craig Ferguson. I love this comedian, and if I had a TV I would be hard pressed to let a day go by without watching his program. As it is, I do the occasional search on YouTube for some recent monologues, and I get to enjoy them as a rare treat.

I also get to enjoy his comedy on another level, because Craig Ferguson is someone I admire. Much like John Stewart of the Daily Show, Craig Ferguson has made a name for himself as someone who uses his comedic talents and fame as a force for good. Besides, I love the Scottish accent.

I remember the first time I noticed this quality about Craig Ferguson. As a comic who does a lot of jokes about the news, he took a public stand against making fun of Britney Spears for her alcoholic behavior and drug abuse. I appreciate the fact that he decided to do his job in a joyful way instead of just going along with the common flow. His speech was touching, and I appreciated his personal story. I also think it was one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard about the difficult problem of alcoholism.

He most recently addressed the issue of why everyone should vote. I always vote, but I know many people who don’t. They see it as a game, something to use to poke fun at the system. Only a comedian like Craig Ferguson can explain how truly serious the whole thing is, and he understands this privilege in a special way. He recently became an American citizen. You may want to check out his work. I’ve attached two links.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

197. What can you do today to accomplish some sort of positive change in the universe where you live? Every action leads to others throughout the chain, and everyone has influence and the ability to influence the world. Do something today for the positive and pass it on.

Links, should you desire them:

“Ferguson speaks from the heart”:

“If you don’t vote, you’re a moron”:


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