Factoid for you

Welcome to a word count update. It’s still Tuesday, and now my word count is at 10,240 words. I’m putting the computer away for now, and may write more on paper later, but this is probably the last that will get counted for the day. I’ve got other responsibilities this afternoon, and I’m off to election parties tonight.

Here’s another writing observation for you before I go. Sometimes people laugh at writers because they have a predilection for all sorts of fussy writing implements. It always made sense to me–when you’re choosing the tools of your trade, you want good ones. It also makes a difference. Yesterday I wrote almost 3,000 words in a notebook with a cheap black pen, and I could feel it dragging at the paper. By the end of my stint, my hand was sore from the resistance of pen on notebook. Now you know.

See you tomorrow!

One thought on “Factoid for you

  1. Interesting observation. I hand-wrote a lot of my NaNoWriMo novel last year, also on cheap notebook paper with a cheap ballpoint pen, but I don’t recall any hand cramps. I do recall enjoying the tactile experience of it. Congrats on the word count and good luck continuing to write.

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