Vote for joy

First things first: Happy Election Day, and Don’t forget to vote. Vote for the candidate who makes you feel most joyful. You know who that is.

I didn’t get near a computer yesterday, and in fact I did all of my writing by hand into a notebook. I’ve just typed it in. My word count for Monday was 8,044 words total, which was an increase of 2,958 words. I’m feeling some real energy in the new direction the plot is taking. I’m going to work on today’s word count as soon as I post this blog.

Yesterday was one of those crazy sorts of days, and I learned some important things about cell phones and the universe, which I’d like to share. I lost my phone, and so I had to go and get a replacement. Luckily I had a already learned that if you lose your phone you can get an inexpensive phone pay-as-you-go phone that works with your cell phone carrier and put in your SIM card. My cell phone company gave me a new SIM card for free. I am feeling very kindly towards them right now. Thank you, AT&T.

LESSON ONE:  With modern technology, I tend to type people’s numbers directly into my phone’s address book and never write them down on paper somewhere. The most distressing part of losing the phone was losing all the phone numbers. I’m going to keep a paper backup from now on.

LESSON TWO: I was almost knocked off my feet by a car which backed up into me while I crossed the street at a crosswalk. I had the light, and she was too far into the intersection, so she backed up into me. Why? She was on her cell phone. This is illegal in Washington without a headset, but it’s still prevalent behavior. If she’d have been going any faster I would have been injured or maybe killed. Please hang up and drive!

LESSON THREE: The universe can be a very nice place. Someone found my cell phone, called the last number I’d dialed (my best friend) and got the info to me so I could get to them. I’m picking up my cell phone this afternoon. The universe can be a very kind and wonderful place.

Well, I’d better get back to work on the book. See you tomorrow!

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