Dancing in the streets

Hello, and welcome to the daily NaNoWriMo update and also to some news from Seattle. I’ve been working on the novel today, but so far it has all been on paper, so I might not have it typed in until tomorrow. Hence, no updated word count as yet, but I am scribbling away on it.

It’s been a little hard, as I’m fairly sleep deprived. I stayed up late two nights in a row. The night before last I was cat sitting, and my friend’s plane was delayed. I waited at his apartment to give him his keys back. He arrived safely, but very late at night.

Last night, I went to some election parties, and as my friend and I were arriving back at my neighborhood of Capitol Hill, the street was blocked. We parked and got out. Spontaneous parties had broken out in the streets all over Seattle. People were dancing, singing, and giving high fives to everyone who passed.

The parties went on for hours, and people went into the local supermarkets and bought snacks to hand out to the crowd. Daring young souls were climbing the traffic poles to put Obama stickers high out of usual reach. There were fireworks, and broken glass, and one lovely lady was standing on her boyfriend’s shoulders and throwing daisies into the crowd. Other people were picking up some of the trash just to be nice. It was stunning.

I had many memorable conversations that night, but one surpasses the rest. I had gone into the corner convenience store to buy a cup of hot tea, as the temperature was dropping but I didn’t want to leave the historic party just yet. A black man was talking to the assembled line. He said that he’d never gotten much of an education, but that his mama had told him he had to read, and given him Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Huckleberry Finn, and books like that. He said that he’d been taught that all white people automatically hated him on the basis of the color of his skin, and now right out there on the street was a crowd of ecstatic people, many white, who were celebrating the election of a black man. He said he just didn’t know what to think.

Whoever you voted for, whatever your politics are, last night was a first. I believe that the things the man said in the convenience store, and the things the Barack Obama said on national television, are signs of some healing taking place in this country on certain issues. It was an evening worth every bit of sleep deprivation that followed.

See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Dancing in the streets

  1. I came across your blog while looking for NaNoWriMo participants. Fun to have a community doing this crazy thing!

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story about the election celebration. We’re in Seattle, too, but having a young baby around, we stayed home to party. 🙂 I really appreciated hearing the man’s story that he shared — incredibly moving.

    I liked your post so much that I referenced it at my blog, which will bring you lots of traffic from my 2 readers… Tell me if it gets to be too much.

    Happy writing!

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