My results may vary

I wrote yesterday’s installment of the NaNo novel in a notebook (can you tell I love alliteration?) and I just typed it in. Word count as of yesterday is at 13,686 which means that I am currently averaging about 2737 words a day. If I manage to keep this pace, I should be done in about thirteen days. We’ll see. By all accounts, the second week is going to be harder, but as I’m at day six right now, I haven’t yet hit that wall. Besides, I am having my own experience, and I may not have a wall in my way. I’ll let you know when I get there.

The book continues to mutate, but I’m letting it. I’m trusting that wherever it goes, I’ll find something good. This is not about perfection. Thank heavens for that!

Now I need to write today’s installment but I may not post again until tomorrow. I think today’s word count may go into a notebook as well, as I don’t want to be tied to a power outlet just now. It’s nice to have choices.

See you tomorrow!


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