Play with words today

It’s been several days since I posted on my blog, but that’s not because NaNoWriMo has driven me stark raving mad. I don’t have internet at home, and I simply haven’t been anywhere I can post. I wish I had—their website is often hard to access and so far Seattle is leading the word count. I want to update my word count and keep us in the running.

Here’s the scoop on words—I’m currently at 31,392 words. I haven’t yet typed in today’s count. I’m writing in the notebook again today because that’s what’s easiest with the rest of my schedule.

One thing I’m really enjoying about the experience is the extra traffic that it’s bringing to my blog, and the kind comments people are leaving for me. I really appreciate that, as I often write with very little feedback. It’s great to know that when I send my words out into the void they are reaching someone who enjoys reading them. I enjoy reading the comments, too, and seeing the other blogs they lead to. Let us all keep writing!

See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Play with words today

  1. Congratulations on the word count! Very impressive so far. I’m having a lot of fun just following the “nanowrimo” tag on WordPress and seeing how different people are doing with their novels. Good luck writing!

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