He also likes Bacos

16 November 2008

Well, the writing party is winding down here at the Seattle coffee shop where I’m sitting, and here’s my latest total—I am currently at 40,180 words. I added 1767 words today, 2627 on Saturday, and 2568 on Friday. Now I’m going to go home and bake cake, because it will make my apartment seem homey. Of course, the cake will be tasty, too, but what I’m really going for today is the warm scent of fresh baked goods in the air. I’m feeling a little run down, and I want to cuddle into my apartment with a cup of tea and a fluffy blanket.

We had quite a few people at our write-in today, and discovered the Maryland is slightly ahead of Seattle in the word count now. We will surpass them again soon. I have no fear, but in the meantime we have decided to invoke a special Seattle saint, Saint Archie McPhee. It is rumored that if you propitiate him with coffee and microbrews he will give you a high word count. Who am I to discount these rumors about the saint who had the miracle of the devil ducks?

See you tomorrow!


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