And sing Alice’s Restaurant

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is about food, friends, family, and gratitude. These are all joyful things, and I’m celebrating by making a list of some things I love and am therefore grateful for. I’ve made these joyful lists before, and it’s always been a cool thing. So here, in no specific order, and not promising to be in any way complete, is my list of approximately seventy-five things I’m grateful for (and I’m going to look back to my old list and not repeat).

Challenges. Edward Hopper. Coleslaw in any of its permutations. Random snippets of overheard conversations. Seagulls. Squash. Thanksgiving dinners with friends. Steamy bathrooms after long showers. Brat Pack movies. The smell of wet dirt. Conservatories. Plants that I don’t have to grow. Pine trees. Apples. Walking meditation. Kitsch. Odd people. Burlesque. The sound of birds flapping their wings. Modern art. Windows. Blue jeans. Swishy skirts. Magenta. The moment when chocolate dissolves on the tongue. Random acts of kindness. Falafel. Hands. Corn casserole. City lights. Ferry rides. Monk. Phone calls from friends. Tactile mail. Free internet at the library. Accordions. Stars. Rubber ducks. Aprons. My cute little blue teapot. Chuck Palahniuk. Neil Gaiman. Holidays. Carnations. Question marks. Frisbees. Flylady. Elbow-length gloves. National Public Radio. Bill Cosby. Glitter. Rubber bracelets. Mushroom gravy. The flickering of candles. Forests. Campfires. Finger paint. Popcorn. String. Purring. Lavender-scented dish soap. Headphones. Juggling. Diners. Gelato. Belly dancing. Drag performances. Soft blankets. Bagpipes. Yellow paper. Balloons. Tanglefoot. Grammar. Ikea. Lists.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

201. Forget about doing homework and really enjoy the company of whomever you are lucky enough to spend the holiday with. Be where you are, and be grateful for it! If the mood strikes you, you can also make a list, too. Enjoy the moment and enjoy the holiday.

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