Not even a latte

Most people know that yesterday was an American holiday, and we’re probably all still feeling stuffed in remembrance of its observance. Today, too, is a holiday, and one that I’ve been celebrating for about ten years. I’d like to tell you about it so that maybe you can join me.

Today is Buy Nothing Day, a celebration which falls annually on the day after Thanksgiving. Today is also a commercial extravaganza informally known as Black Friday, and it’s the biggest shopping day of the year. Observance of Buy Nothing Day is pretty simple—you don’t need any fancy decorations, and there is no traditional meal to prepare for. On Buy Nothing Day you simply buy nothing. It truly is that simple. Its simplicity is also challenging, as I usually find that there is something I would have bought had I not been observing the holiday.

Despite the challenges, I find great joy in its celebration. It feels good to not to spend money in these tough times. There is so much I can buy that I do not strictly need, and it’s nice to focus on the simple things. I also appreciate the awareness I gain. I find that this awareness carries through into my every day life. I try to observe at least one day a month without spending as a way of maintaining that mindfulness around money.

I plan to enjoy the holidays. I love the lights, the music, and the general air of festivity that pervades the city. I’m looking forward to seeing the horse carriages multiply, and I’m sure to sample a hot mulled cider here and there. I’m also going to remember that there are many joys out there for me that do not have to be bought with my dearly-rationed dollars. The most important things cannot be purchased, and joy is free for the taking. That’s another reason I start my holidays with the celebration of Buy Nothing Day.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

202. Celebrate Buy Nothing Day. If you read the blog too late and have already spent something, start now, or pick another day to try it. If you like it, consider making it a monthly or even weekly event. What did you think?

Link, should you desire it:

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