Thanks for the recognition

One of my regular readers, who blogs under the title of So Much More than a Mom, gave me an award on my blog. In accepting the award, she suggests that I do the following tasks:

Say one nice thing to a man in my life: This is easy. I have so many great male friends that I end up saying something nice to at least one of them per day.

List at least six ways that I measure success in my life or my blog:  One: Picking the most joyful path in every circumstance. Two: Living each moment as fully awake as possible. In other words, living in each moment without trying to distract myself from the situation at hand. This is sometimes summed up in the Buddhist phrase: “Be where you are.” Three: Lots of great friends. Four: I think my blog is successful if I help others to have a more joyful existence. Five: Doing my best, whatever that happens to be at the moment. Six: Lots of laughter.

She also suggests that I assign the award to six other blogs and leave them a comment telling them I have done so. I don’t read enough blogs to do that, but when I do find a blog I like, I write about it here, so that other people can appreciate it. I think I’ll skip that step for now, although it is a great reminder to appreciate others. There’s a nifty little icon that goes with the award, and I’ll try putting that into my sidebar the next time I have a moment to figure it out.

Thanks again to this reader, and all the readers who give me great feedback on the blog. I appreciate you all.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

206. Next time you read a blog entry that you enjoy, leave a comment so that the author will know. Also feel free to compliment people on all sorts of things. I love to tell people about their lovely outfits, their well-behaved children, and their amazing cooking skills.

Link, should you desire it:


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