Something to see

Happy Sunday! On Sundays I often spend at least part of the day watching movies and eating dinner with friends. We’ve come to treasure this little ritual. Usually we watch movies at someone’s house, but occasionally we go out. I’ve recently seen two treasures you might want to look out for. They may not yet have been released where you are—that’s one of the perks of living in a big city like Seattle.

The first is Slumdog Millionaire (2008, Danny Boyle). There’s already Oscar talk about this little gem, and it’s well-deserved. This movie is about the Indian version of the television show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? A contestant from the slums is about to win the big prize, and everyone wonders how he could know all the answers with his background. The movie tells you. I love a movie that can surprise me like this one does, and many scenes in it will stay with me. Unique and uplifting.

The other is Milk (2008, Gus Van Sant). Sean Penn has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of gay civil rights leader Harvey Milk, who was the first openly-gay elected official. Although Milk was assassinated, this movie is ultimately uplifting, and Sean Penn is amazing here. I should have known better than to wear eye makeup the day I saw it, but I left the theater feeling good. I also love the movie’s tag line—Never Blend In. I couldn’t agree more.

On a related note, there’s a short internet film I just adore. It’s called Prop 8 The Musical, and it’s a three-minute star-studded musical about the recently enacted ban on gay marriage in California. Here’s the YouTube link, but if that doesn’t work, just search the name. I hear there’s talk of making this into a full-length musical. I would love to see it.

See you tomorrow!


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