Happy feet

When was the last time you got new sneakers? If you are at all like me, you put it off until the last minute because of the cost. Yesterday I finally caved, and got a new pair at the discount store. I wish I’d done it sooner, and that’s why I’m sharing.

My feet are so much happier now! I do a lot of walking, and it’s amazing how much more comfortable it is to have shoes with adequate padding. I’m certain that it’s better for my feet, too, and when I finally went to get them I found something for under twenty-five dollars. I love sales and discount stores.

I’ve never been that good about replacing my sneakers, and it wasn’t always about finances—that’s a temporary issue. Usually I just forget. It’s easy to forget about things like this, to ignore the infrastructure we need to keep our lives going. Shoes are just there to be put on the feet. Sweaters, gloves, and hats just come out of a bin somewhere when leaving the house. It’s good to think back to the fundamentals and give them a little attention now and then.

I usually write a little bit longer blog, but my feet are just begging to be taken for a walk. With these comfy new shoes on, how can I say no?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

211. Is it time to replace your sneakers? Have your gloves sprouted holes? Fix whatever little things you can today, and let the rest of your universe take care of itself.

I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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