Getting dusted in the Emerald City

The other day I challenged my readers to find the positives in weather that might seem less than pleasant. One of my regular readers commented that she’d tried to find the perks in winter, but just couldn’t manage it. She mentioned that she’d taken an hour to drive fifteen miles.

I sympathize. Most of my life I’ve lived under the grip of winter’s very considerable force. I’ve been stuck in the car in similar circumstances to the one the reader described, and I’ve spent countless hours gripping the wheel praying that I would make it home in one piece. I’ve been frozen, wind-chapped, and forced to hike through two-foot drifts. In Minnesota, I often had to shovel my driveway snow onto piles higher than my head. That said, I can still think of some benefits to winter. Here’s a little list for you:

Snow angels. Snow is quite pretty before dirt gunks it up. I love thin sheets of ice that you can crack like window panes without feeling guilty for committing some sort of vandalism. Winter sports can be loads of fun (not that I do them myself!). Hoar frost on the trees and windows is stunning. Winter weather forces us to slow down, and sometimes to change plans—you can suddenly have a day off, or extra time to sit and read a book or chat with friends when weather strands you somewhere. The difficulty of driving in tricky weather makes you truly appreciate the moments when there is no weather to impede your progress. Snow captures tracks of all sorts of odd creatures you might not have noticed were there otherwise. There’s nothing like sipping a hot beverage by a fireplace while watching the visible cold outside. Snow can be magical when it drifts slowly down out of the air. Snow balls. Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

Those are  just a few examples. It’s currently snowing like crazy here in Seattle, and I’m really enjoying it, even though it means my square dancing will probably be cancelled tonight. People cannot deal with snow here at all. Because I rarely get to see it these days, I appreciate it even more, and there’s something truly odd about seeing a short palm tree with its fanned-out sprays of palm fronds weighted down with a pile of snow. Did I mention I have tea in my hand while I’m watching all the cold wet stuff come down outside? Life is good.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

212. Next time you encounter snow, go out and play in it. I dare you!


One thought on “Getting dusted in the Emerald City

  1. Ok, you got me. IF I were truly snowed in, had to cancel everything, work included, then I could manage to find one thing I like about winter. The thought of seeing snow on a palm tree makes me profoundly sad. Palm trees should always be snow-free!! I don’t like any of the things you listed (I truly am a summer girl) BUT, you mentioned snow angels…I do appreciate my kids’ unbridled joy at watching it snow and playing in it. They even have fun helping their father shovel the driveway. They are fun to watch (from the window). So, you did it, got me to see something good about this horrible season. 🙂

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