I spy a waltz

Wednesday I went line dancing, and tonight I’m going out for regular country dancing, which will include all sorts of dances. There’s always a certain contingent of the crowd that doesn’t dance. They are there to watch.

It’s an interesting dynamic, and one I participate in myself. I don’t know how to do every line dance, although I know quite a few now. Sometimes I sit out a dance or two to catch my breath, or because I didn’t grab a partner quickly enough. I like to watch the dancing, too. I learn things from watching the other dancers, and I appreciate the grace and skill of many of the people on the floor. When I go dancing, I always feel like there’s a free floor show for me to enjoy whenever I want to stop long enough to watch it.

As a dancer, I also enjoy the watchers. Sometimes one of them will stop me as I’m leaving the club and tell me that they enjoy watching me dance. That’s so sweet, and it makes me feel great, because I’ve worked hard to learn what I’ve learned so far. Besides, it means I’m spreading the joy. I know I’m having a great time when I’m dancing, and if someone else enjoys watching it, I’m just multiplying the benefits. That has to be good.

I also love to pull new people out onto the floor. That’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying leading. As a good leader, you can dance with people who haven’t gotten much practice and get them out there enjoying themselves. Some of them hang back, telling me that they really don’t know much. I always tell them that they aren’t going to get better by just watching, although, as I said, you can pick up some tips. Some of these people are also intimidated by the dancers who seem to know what they are doing. I tell them that everyone learned by doing it. Once I manage to coax them out there, they all seem to have fun, and a lot of them get hooked. I love to watch, and I love to dance. I love being able to introduce some of the spectators to the joys of dancing. Let the music begin!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

213. Is there something you love to watch that you’re not certain you can do? Give it a try. You just might surprise yourself. Remember that no one is an expert right away.


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