I’m listening

I walk a lot, and thankfully now the snow has gone, so it’s become a little easier. There’s many things I enjoy about walking, including the chance to hear odd snippets of conversation from the other pedestrians. I’m going to share some of these with you today.

Walking home from dancing last Friday, two guys walked right past me, and as we were waiting for the light to change so we could cross, one said to the other: “Come on, everyone gets drunk at least once in their life and punches a cop.” I started laughing at that, and the same guy said to me: Aren’t I right?” I told him I had never had that experience, and felt deprived, but would try to make up for it. As they walked on, he told his friend that when you were in your twenties you were supposed to be wild and crazy. It made me laugh, especially as I spent most of my twenties studying for exams.

Walking downtown, I heard another man say to his friends: “See, Seattle is great. Aren’t you glad you didn’t ride the bus all the way to Vancouver?” His friends agreed that, yes, they had been glad to get off the bus, whereupon the man said: “Vancouver is a little nicer, I’ll grant you, but not nine hours on a bus nicer.”  I think that should be our tourism slogan—“almost as good as Vancouver, but a lot closer.” I haven’t been to Vancouver yet, so I can’t rate the validity of this man’s claim, but I thought it was an interesting thing to say.

Today as I stood waiting for the bus I heard another little interchange. These guys were talking about musicians, and one man told the other that Elvis would definitely be able to take Prince in a fist fight, while the other man felt that Prince would be able to beat Elvis up. Neither offered any good reason for their contention. I simply wondered how they’d gotten to that point. Why would anyone consider the fighting strength of these two disparate musicians? How could this conversation have gotten started?

The sidewalks are full of this sort of street theater, and all of it is free for the taking. It’s one of the reasons I love to walk so much, and one of the reasons it’s so much more fun to walk outside than on a gym treadmill. And shouldn’t exercise be fun?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

216. Go for a walk and keep your ears open. If you hear something entertaining, share it with a friend later.


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