Get out the noisemakers

Happy New Year’s Eve! Tonight I’m going to ring out the old and bring in the new, as the saying goes, by observing a tradition that my friend Laurie and I started a number of years back.

Every year for New Year’s we write a letter to ourselves. This letter looks back on some of the accomplishments of the previous year and where things stand as it is being written. The letter also spells out some hopes for the coming year, some idea of where I’d like to be heading. Notice that I did not say that the letter contains New Year’s resolutions. I don’t like resolutions, as I believe each moment is a chance to start fresh. I also believe that I do not need to wait for January first to resolve to make improvements. I’ve personally found that making specific New Year’s resolutions puts too much pressure on whatever goal it is I’m trying to reach, thereby dooming it to failure. So I don’t resolve, but I do look forward.

Often Laurie and I will share these letters with each other, but I otherwise don’t broadcast my New Year’s letter. It’s for me and very close friends. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, so every New Year’s Eve I also reread the previous letters I’ve written myself. It’s a great joy to find out how far I’ve come.

Although I’ve had a rough year—I’m still unemployed, suffering from the economic troubles that are engulfing the country right now—I’ve also had a pretty good one. I started dancing, I started this blog, and I did a lot of other writing. I just know that next year’s going to be even better. I hope this evening finds you somewhere having fun with friends or enjoy the company of your own wonderful self. See you next year!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

217. What New Year’s Eve traditions do you observe? Share your traditions with others. Also, consider giving the letter-writing tradition a try.


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