Dancing no matter what

I’m back, but my posts will probably be shorter than usual for a while. Like many people, I’m unemployed and things are continuing to get more difficult. I need to spend a lot more time finding work than even before, and that means the blog may be a little sparse for a while.

I’m still working on joy, though, but today I’m not feeling particularly joyful. I’m working towards it. In the middle of my personal stress, a threat was announced in the press to one of the major places where I go dancing. Some wacko is threatening to kill the customers of local gay bars. I found this out right after I opened the book of lesbian short stories I borrowed from the library—there was an insert that someone put in to tell me that “the wages of sin are death” and that I was going to hell. This sort of thing is more stressful at a time when I’m already stressed, but I’ve progressed from sadness to anger. Eventually the joy will return. It always does, especially when I go out dancing. I won’t let this self-appointed vigilante stop me from going dancing, just because s/he doesn’t like gay bars. I will be careful be more careful than usual, however.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

218. Next time you’re in a difficult spot or a difficult mood, keep going. You’ll catch up to joy soon enough if you keep onwards.

Link, should you desire it:

Details on the threats in Seattle made to gay bars,



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