It’s Sunday, a day to relax and not worry about staying focused. Despite this, I managed to go to a very efficient meeting for our upcoming square dance event. I even got in a walk on the way there. It had started to rain by the time the meeting was breaking up, and one of my friends offered me a ride. I told her I lived nearby, but she was concerned because it was raining. I thanked her and gave her my standard response—I’m not the Wicked Witch of the West, so I won’t melt. (Indeed if I am any of the witches from that movie I would be Glinda. Who doesn’t want to travel around in a bubble and look gorgeous all the time?)

I relish these chances to walk in the rain, to breathe in the fresh clean air and enjoy the sound-dampening characteristics of the mist. I could hear the birds enjoying it with me, and I walked around a little bit extra once I got where I was going, just to soak it all in. Ah bliss!

I’ve been doing a lot of walking this weekend. Last night I marched in a candlelight vigil for the recently-formed Queer Ally Coalition. There’s been an increase lately in gay bashings, so our community wants to remain visible, organized, and strong. The walk felt very positive to me, and I think we got our message across.

Now I’m off to commune with friends. I know many people go to a church to worship on Sunday, and I support them in that. I feel like I’ve worshipped all over Seattle today. Life is good.

See you tomorrow!

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