Right back at you

I’ve been getting a lot of help from the universe lately, and today I just wanted to share that with you a little bit. I really appreciate it, and I’d like everyone to know about it so that they can keep all this goodness going.

I’m not talking right now about the mystical kind of goodness created by the cosmological positioning of the stars, although I’m certain I’m getting all kinds of wonderful energy from those sorts of sources as well. I’m talking about the amazing things that happen when people support each other.

I’m involved in a number of different organizations, and I see this happening at all levels. My square dancing group is organizing a fly-in, which is a big event where people travel to Seattle to dance with us. My country dance group is organizing a Hoedown. Both of these events require an enormous amount of work, and both are being run by all-volunteer groups, and yet everyone is pulling together to get everything done. It’s incredible what people can do if they pull together. Both events are also getting all sorts of help from local businesses. We ask and it is given.

I’ve also been getting a lot of personal support. People will walk up to me when I’m out dancing and tell me that they’ve seen me dancing for a while now, and tell me that I’m doing well or that they’ve seen my skills improve over time. Other people—and many times I don’t even know these people—come over to tell me that they notice I’ve been losing weight. There have been days when my knees hurt or my spirits have needed a lift, and these kindnesses have cured my little troubles on the spot.

I think it’s true that we cannot always know the impact we have on the world as we move about, so I always try to make mine a positive one. When in doubt, I will compliment someone on a lovely dress or a well-behaved child. I know this brand of kindness sends a lot of healing out into the world, and I often find it rippling back at me from other people. Whoever you are, thank you!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

221. When you’re out and about today and you notice something positive, feel free to share that thought with the object of your attention. Use your discretion, but remember that most people don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve. Isn’t it time to remedy that?


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