Consider the possibilities

I haven’t been blogging much lately (the understatement of the year!), but a dear friend has inspired me to start again. It makes sense—I am unemployed yet again, because such is the nature of the temporary assignments I’ve been doing for the last few years. I have my moments of worry, but I am also reminded of the spirit of the enso.

What’s an enso? It’s a Zen symbol. You’ve seen it. I’m certain of that. It’s that big swishy circle that adorns the covers of all sorts of popular treatises on Zen, meditation, and even decorating. What does it stand for? Unlimited potential. The emptiness inside the circle awaits the surprise of what’s in store. It could be filled up by anything. It’s like an empty apartment, awaiting the fabulous furniture that’s coming to it. Without the furniture it could be anything—a dance hall, a barn (good luck getting that cow up the stairs!), or a magical tented theatre.

Perhaps your circle is already full, but you don’t like the current contents of your life. This is where we switch from the wisdom of Zen to the wisdom of the Ohio Art Company. Consider this—your universe is your own Etch A Sketch. If you don’t like the picture currently on your screen, turn that bad boy over and shake things up a little. You can create new realities that please you better, and that’s a very powerful tool to have.

I can hardly wait to see what surprises are in store for my life, but in the meantime I’m also excited about the everyday joys that greet me. Today’s short list of delights includes the rain outside my window, an upcoming pirate-themed square dance weekend, my new hat (also pirate-themed), and getting back to my blog. I could go on, but if you spend too much time reading the blog, you’ll be missing your out on your own discoveries!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

222. Remember that your life is always full of unlimited potential. While you look forward to future goodies, make a short list of joys you are experiencing right now.

And check out another of my delights—Winter in Asheville. My friend just started blogging again, too.


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