You can write a book, too

Hello fair readers! I’ve been tagged in the Next Big Thing Blog Tour  that’s going around where writers share info about upcoming novels, so I’m going to answer the questions they sent about the book I hope to be submitting to publishers soon. Check back next week, where I’ll be recommending other upcoming work, if any of the fabulous writers I know have blogs to post this on. Otherwise, I’m going to see if they’ll guest post on Yay! Pigeons or reserve the option to tag people later. I know some mighty fine writers.

1) What is the working title of your next book? The book is named, If Daphne Can Do it.

2) Where did the idea come from for the book? I was taking a writing class from my fabulous friend Penny Duffy, and I kept writing all these funny pieces about a woman having horrid dating experiences. My friends told me I should make them into a novel. Oddly enough they asked me to write it and I promised to do so in a convent, while drinking scotch in my male friend’s room, after just having done a tarot reading. True story.

3) What genre does your book fall under? It is closest to “Chick Lit” but it’s also a bit of a send-up of the genre. Not every woman cares about fancy shoes.

4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. Seriously, I think the main character would be played by someone like Laura Linney or Joan Cusack. She’s middle-aged, she’s lovely, and she doesn’t quite realize how fabulous she is. (Like so many others!)

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? Several years after a nasty divorce a woman is forced back onto the dating scene by her well-meaning friends. These are her adventures. (Two sentences, but I’m a rebel.)

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? That remains to be seen. The novel is done and I’m getting feedback. I’m going to submit it to agents. I’ve gotten distracted by job hunting and things, but I’m working on it again.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? Hard to say—this is my first novel and I wrote continuously on it, but sometimes only two sentences a day. I think it took about three years.

8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? I don’t read a lot of these books, so I’m not certain. In that Daphne is quirky and somewhat clueless, you might compare her to Bridget Jones, but she’s far less neurotic (and definitely less British).

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book? My friends. I really want to write mysteries, but I haven’t yet figured out the complexities of how to plot. They told me I could plot this book as I went along and just consider it my daily homework. I learned a lot from the process that will help me the next time.

10) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest? Exotic locales in the frozen vacation destination of Minnesota. Circus florists. Pocket protectors. Lots and lots of mannequins.

 Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

222. What have your friends been daring you to do? Is it something you secretly want for yourself? Consider taking the leap. (If it’s an actual leap, reconsider. Your mom always warned you about those friends who wanted you to jump off a bridge.)

P.S. Check back to my friend Laurel’s link for the description of her upcoming novel. It’s a fun one.


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