So much to look forward to

I’ve been really busy during the last few months, but that’s because life has kept me on my toes. I’ve started a new business, and I’ll tell you all about that at some other time. Don’t worry, though. I’m earning my keep writing–Yay! Pigeons is not going to become a vehicle to sell vitamins or insist you try some new weight loss scheme. The blog will continue as it has been.

Amidst the whirlwind of activity that is my current schedule I just celebrated the new year. I don’t usually make resolutions, although I do have goals. This year I decided to make commitments instead. It’s a subtle difference, but I know it’s an important one. In the past, I’ve resolved to do various things—lose weight, get more organized, drink more water. You know the drill. You’ve probably made these same resolutions, or ones just like them. Somehow I never take them very seriously, and they usually get recycled before January ends. We all know that resolutions usually fail, and therefore most of them do.

Commitments are different. As a responsible person, I believe in keeping my word. When I commit to something, I show up. I set time aside in my busy schedule. A commitment is a promise, and I believe in keeping my promises. In addition, I tend to share commitments. I’ve told many of my friends what I am going to accomplish this year, and I’ve made most of these commitments public in social media. I mean to follow through, and I’m tracking them all on my calendar. So far, so good, and I enjoy all the shiny gold stars in my planner.

Writing is very important to me, so I’ve made a number of writing commitments. I’ve promised to write a daily haiku during 2013–if you’d like to see them check out my new blog Haiku Plate Special. I’ve also committed to posting to Yay! Pigeons at least once a week, so you’ll be seeing more of me on these pages. I’m incredibly busy these days, but since I made the commitments, I’ve been finding the time. It’s as simple as that. I also made sure not to make too many promises. I’ll be happy to exceed my commitments, but I don’t want to set myself up to fail, and I’ll make exceptions for illness or crazy circumstances. It’s important to go with the flow, but it’s also important to schedule yourself for success. It’s going to be a great year. I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

223. What would you like to accomplish in your life? Make at least one commitment. Shout it from the rooftops, announce it on Facebook, tell all your friends. It’s important to remember that some things are not predictable–you can commit to going to the gym a certain number of times a week but you may not be able to control how many pounds you lose by doing so. Commit to what you can control, and get ready to celebrate your achievements. This will be a great year for you, too.

4 thoughts on “So much to look forward to

  1. Hello there! I love the idea behind your blog.
    I agree that there is a difference between a resolution and a commitment. Language has power, and the word commitment just feels like it has a more positive and active connotation. I think of commitment = dedication.

    As for telling all of my friends about my commitment to write – I find that one difficult for some reason.

    Great post, thanks!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, and if you like the blog you can also sign up to get email reminders of when I post. Sometimes it’s hard to tell people you’re going to write, because people occasionally look at you like you’re a lunatic. Ignore them and tell people you trust.

    • I understand. Admitting you’re a writer in public has its own “coming out” process. I’ve done it as a lesbian and as a writer, and I understand the kind of remarks you can get. It’s almost like you’ve announced you want to a fairy princess.

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