Fun with taxes

I don’t usually do this, but I procrastinated on my taxes. I don’t know why–it’s not joyful, and I try to live my life in the most joyful way I can. I think it’s just intimidating to work on business taxes, and I’ve had so much else to do–so tonight’s post will be brief. I do think there are a number of ways to find joy in the taxes:

  • I know the money will go to roads, schools, libraries, and other causes I care about.
  • Facing down something difficult and ultimately conquering it leads to a great sense of accomplishment.
  • When it’s done I will have something definite to celebrate.

If you have something to add, please put it in the comments. I’ve got to get back to the paperwork.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
237. If you haven’t started your taxes, now is the time! If you’re all done, give yourself a pat on the back.


2 thoughts on “Fun with taxes

  1. I finished the taxes and do indeed feel accomplished and celebratory! Next year I won’t wait so long–it took time but wasn’t as complex as I had feared.

  2. P.S. And I am lucky enough to have readers outside the U.S., but I’m certain you have your own paperwork hurdles to face–it seems to be a universal.

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