Hallmark, heroes, and huzzah

Today is Mother’s Day. I think of my mother, who is no longer alive, and I miss her. I think of my sisters and cousins who are mothers, and I honor them. I think of my friends who are moms, and I appreciate them. Mothers are heroes, women who work hard to nurture children and to raise the next generation. They don’t get enough credit, and they should be appreciated every day for the incredibly important work they do, often while doing other work to bring income to their families. I’m sure they appreciate this special day—this greeting card holiday—but I think we need to appreciate them all the time and be grateful for what they have given and continue to give.

I also think of the village. The greater culture tells us that it “takes a village to raise a child” and I think this is true. It takes more than just your mom to do the mothering that we all need. Just as I believe that gender is a sliding scale and we all have masculine and feminine aspects to our personalities, I also believe that many of us nurture each other the way mothers nurture their children. I’m not trying to steal the thunder from this Hallmark holiday—mothers raising actual children deserve all the praise they get on this and any other day of the year. I’m simply appreciating the fact that we all have a role to play in helping to raise each other.

I’ve grown—and grown up—so much due to the counsel and loving guidance of friends. When I’m sick, I have people who check on me and offer me soup. Friends taught me to cook. Friends taught me to drive. Friends continue to teach me to love and value myself as I walk about this world. I value the “mothering” that they have brought to my life. I try to nurture others in kind, believing I have much to give without raising children of my own. I never wanted to raise children, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the village that continually educates and empowers those around me. Thank you to all of my many mothers. Though my own mother has passed away, she has left her mark, and you continue to make yours. I appreciate you all, every day.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
241. This year as you celebrate Mother’s Day, take a moment to appreciate all the loving energy coming to you from the many people in your life. Who are some of the people adding nurturing energy to your life?


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