This is part of your destiny

With great power comes great responsibility. Spiderman knows this. Since you are most likely not a superhero, you may think this quote does not apply to you. You are wrong. We all have great powers, including the power to alter the course of someone’s day or someone’s life with the actions we take as we wander the world. A smile to a random stranger can turn that person’s whole day around–perhaps someone else just called them fat on the bus, or they had a fight with a person they love. You have the power to wound. You have the power to heal. You have great responsibility.

Comedian Craig Ferguson was saved from suicide because a friend wanted to share a convivial holiday drink with him. He got drunk and forgot to kill himself. He was able to go into recovery for a drinking problem and is still here making people laugh today because of this one kindness. The guy who shared the drink with him didn’t know about Craig’s plans–he was just being a nice fellow. You may never know the good or harm you do. You have great power.

You also have the power to affect your own life–set your compass to joy and steer by it as much as possible. We all have challenges but we also face many choices. Make the most joyful choice you can given the circumstances you are facing and you will be happier. As much as possible, avoid angry situations and negative people. Protect yourself and your inner child. You have great responsibility.

Most of us are unaware of just how very powerful we are and how much our actions affect ourselves and the world around us. Like a young Harry Potter, you may be in the early stages of discovering just what you are capable of in the world. Even if you have been aware for some time, you are most likely still discovering the extent of the power you have out in the universe. I know I am, and I hope this post gives you license to explore your capabilities. In the meantime, commit this to memory or write it out large: with great power comes great responsibility. You know what to do.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
250. Take the time today to use your powers for good. Smile at someone or give a compliment. Do something joyful to nurture yourself. Think of a moment when someone turned your day around using powers of their own (for good or for bad). How did that feel? How does it feel to use your powers for good?


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