Random fluffy bits of wisdom

I’ve been atypically domestic this week as I’ve worked on a massive project to declutter my house to help with dust allergies. The project is done, except for sorting through a few boxes of paper. This week I thought I’d share some of the myriad things I’ve learned during the process.

  • It became easier to declutter as I realized that I wanted to spend as much time as possible on certain goals I have. These include earning a living, writing, and creating art. I also need time to keep myself healthy and interact with friends. Once I sorted out my core goals, it was easy to determine that there simply is no time to learn the ukelele, and hence I do not need the ukelele (and many other things that don’t fit with my current priorities).
  • I read Lifehacker on a regular basis. It’s a great place to find tips to streamline your life. One recent article said that there are many things you can and should buy generic. It also pointed out that sometimes name brands do work better, and that Tide actually gets your clothing much cleaner than other detergents. I bought a small pouch of Tide Pods for a test, and they were right–the clothes hadn’t seemed dirty before, but now they look like new when I wash them. Good to know (and I have no connection with Tide).
  • In a previous domestic effort I had tried the Swiffer mop. I don’t like the cleaning fluids or the replaceable pads and had resolved to use them up and donate the mop. I realized while cleaning this last time that it’s very convenient that the handle comes apart, because I was able to use it to get under my clawfoot tub. I also realized that microfiber cloths will stick to it (in the little holes where the pads fit) and so I’m keeping it for those odd places and I won’t have to buy any more of those odd pads.

Clearing up my physical space makes it easier to keep out the dust that’s hurting my lungs, but it also clears up my mental space as well. I feel much better having more room to navigate and having the things I need where I need them. It has been time well spent, and I plan to try to add some domesticity into my regular routine. The benefits are worth the trouble.

256. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
If you aren’t very domestic, tackle a cleaning chore you’ve been putting off. How did you feel when it was done? Was it as hard as you thought? If you are domestic, get rid of at least five items of clutter. How does that feel?


7 thoughts on “Random fluffy bits of wisdom

    • Indeed! I have long been inspired by radical simplicity movements, including the 99 things movement and am trying to have as little as possible (although I’ll always have to count the books as one thing or I’m doomed!) I’ve also been inspired by your book to do more personal experiments. (For anyone who doesn’t know, my friend Nick Winter has written a fabulous book called The Motivation Hacker, and you can find it here http://www.amazon.com/The-Motivation-Hacker-ebook/dp/B00C8N4FNK )

  1. I’ve been starting some serious decluttering this week, too. I’ve been living my my flat for two years, which seems to be about the amount of time it takes for the place to get quite full of stuff. I always feel guilty getting rid of things I don’t use, because I haven’t used them enough (backwards logic, I know) but sometimes you just have to be hard on yourself! I always feel immeasurably better after cleaning and decluttering. It really helps eliminate my anxiety.

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