To boldly go

Today is the 47th anniversary of the Star Trek universe. Like many, I grew up with the show and it’s an important cultural reference point for me. It’s also been on my mind lately because I just discovered Star Trek: Enterprise via Netflix. I don’t know how I missed this, but I am enjoying being able to watch new Trek.

We learn a lot from our parents, our faiths, and our friends but we can also learn a lot from the programming we watch and the books we read. I think it’s important to keep this in mind and it’s one of the reasons I don’t watch shows that focus on violent amoral people. I’ve learned a lot from Star Trek that I use in my day-to-day life. For example:

  • Never give up. Aliens may be attacking, a virus is about to kill everyone on board, and the plasma warp core is beyond repair. You’ve got to keep going because there is a solution and you will find it if you stay calm and work cooperatively with those around you. Sometimes you don’t make it–especially if you’re wearing a red shirt–but that is the exception and not the rule.
  • Respect other cultures. They may seem odd; they may seem rude; I may not understand them but I try to remember that they live by a different set of rules. Although I don’t often have the funds to travel, I have lived in several different regions in the United States. I grew up in New York and then moved to Minnesota where I experienced massive culture shock. The same thing happened when I moved to Seattle. I interact with many different cultures here that frustrate me: skateboard kids, druggies, and aggressive homeless to name a few. I try to remember that their needs and culture are different than mine. It helps.
  • Risks are a part of life. If you don’t boldly go, you’ll miss out on a lot of new experiences and contacts. I’m not about to try extreme sports or jump out of a plane but I do throw myself at the universe with joyful abandon. I moved to Seattle without knowing anyone here and I committed before even visiting because I couldn’t afford a trip first. It’s sometimes rocky, but I have met many people I now consider my family. I’ve learned a lot from my adventures.

I hope the Star Trek franchise keeps going strong so that others can benefit from the many positive messages that it has to offer. Besides, I love it, and joy is as good a justification as any. Thank you, Gene Roddenberry and the many people who have made the series happen. May it live long and prosper.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
258. What are you watching and reading? Is it contributing positively to your life? Consider doing a little decluttering if it’s not. If you are a fan of Trek, what has it contributed to your life? Feel free to share in the comments. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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