Choose your own adventure

We are raised on adventures–Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Harry Potter. Adventures force us out of our cozy little niches and let us see the world in a new way. It’s good to try new things and prove to ourselves the many things that we can accomplish.

Although you may vicariously experience many adventures in books and movies, you may not realize the many chances for adventure in everyday living. It’s not incredibly likely that a wizard and a number of dwarves will show up at your door asking you to save the entire universe from evil–although a select few may have that chance. Many other opportunities present themselves. I’m going to present a list of some of life’s adventures and note whether or not I’ve had them. Feel free to play along, and you may realize you’re more adventurous than you think. The list may even give you some ideas.

  1. Explore an unfamiliar neighborhood. — Yep, all the time.
  2. Jump out of a plane. — No, and not likely for me!
  3. Ski down a mountain. — Not for me. Motion sickness!
  4. Learn a foreign language. — Yes, lots of experience here.
  5. Move to a new region of the country — I’m on my third.
  6. Move to a new city. — Yep, several times.
  7. Learn something that you find challenging — I try to do this a lot.
  8. Try an unfamiliar food. — Yes, my parents raised me this way.
  9. Color your hair. — Lots of experiments with this one.
  10. Get a radical haircut — I’m currently sporting my very first Mohawk.
  11. Travel to a foreign country — I’ve been to Mexico and Canada but haven’t gone further afield due to funds. Yet.
  12. Join the Peace Corps — No, although I love the idea.
  13. Join the military — No.
  14. Consider a different religion than the one you were raised in — Yes, I converted to Buddhism (of course, the one you were raised in may suit you just fine).
  15. Go on a blind date. — Yes, quite a few.
  16. Try online dating. — Yes, I’ve tried it.
  17. Ride a horse. — Yes.
  18. Ride an elephant.– Not yet.
  19. Ride a camel. — Yes.
  20. Cook something you’ve never made before. — Yes.

The list could continue for quite a bit. I would encourage you to add to it in the comments and to keep experimenting. Life is a journey. We choose some adventures and some adventures–like major illnesses–choose us. There is so much to learn along the path.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
263. Go through the list above and see how many of the adventures you’ve had. Are there some you would like to add? Some you’ve had that aren’t on the list? Choose some more adventures to accomplish. For extra credit, share some in the comments sections.

I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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