A visit from the inspiration fairy

I write this blog to inspire others and to share some of what I learn as I wander about wholeheartedly pursuing joy. I am also inspired by other people, so today I thought I would share some of what has been thrilling me lately. Here are a few, in no particular order:

  • Winter in AshevilleThis is one of my very favorite blogs written by one of my very best friends (full disclaimer). If you like my blog you’ll love this one, too, and I particularly loved Laurel Winter’s recent essay about how we think about time and spend our moments.
  • A different sort of style article. I find my joy in many places, including articles about home decorating, and very geeky forms of storytelling. This article marries the two in a way that you most likely haven’t seen before.
  • Parenting: you’re doing it rightI don’t have kids, so I don’t usually read articles on parenting, but this came to my attention. Einstein once said that “imagination is more important than knowledge”. I found these parents’ approach to that statement inspiring.
  • The life of an artist. Danny Gregory is an artist who has inspired me to do many visual journals and to draw without fear. I love his joyful work which has been a journey of healing for him. This essay talks about the artistic path and how society views those who take it. He articulates many things I’ve been trying to express for years.
  • The future of storytelling. We live in a fabulous time when so much teaching is available for free on the web. I’m currently taking a free course on the future of storytelling which discusses all kinds of new things that are being done with story. You can still join if this is something that interests you. I’m learning a lot and having lots of fun.

I hope you will check out these links and enjoy some of them as much as I have. These articles have inspired me this week, and I want to shine their light out to all of you. Who knows what will happen next? Pass it on.

Your assignment should you choose to accept it:
268. Read some of the above links. Did they inspire you? Why or why not? For extra credit, share some of the things that have inspired you in the comments section. I’d love to learn from you, too!


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