Making lemonade

If you follow my blog you may have noticed I’ve been missing for a few weeks, and it’s true. I was not tired of writing, I was rather suffering a massive allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals. I’m still recovering, but getting better all the time.

I thought I’d write about that today, even though this is a blog about joy, because even joyful people do not have stress-free lives. I ended up going to the emergency room several times with swelling and my skin is still recovering from a feeling that feels like a bad sunburn. It’s been very worrisome as I tried to figure it out, but I’ve been able to make some lemonade out of the lemons, so I thought I’d share that:

  • Eating better: I gave up eating sugar years ago, but when I get stressed out I tend to eat lots of junk food like french fries and potato chips. I wasn’t sure what was causing this to start with, so I started stopped eating all processed food for a few weeks to try to feel better. It turned out not to be food-related, but I broke the cycle and am eating healthier than I have been.
  • Saving money: I seem to have reacted to two different chemicals, so I’m now back to cleaning with things like vinegar and natural soaps like Dr. Bronner’s. This will be less expensive over the long run, and there are less products to store. I’ll get a little bit more of a workout, too, and there will be less chance of poisoning myself in my own house.

You can’t always avoid life’s troubles. The car breaks down, the cat dies, you fall ill. You won’t be joyful all the time, either. If you were you would probably be repressing something. You CAN choose to make lemonade out of life’s lessons and find your blessings where you may. These are some of mine. How about you?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
276. Do you have a less than ideal situation in your life right now? Has anything good come of it? See if you can make some lemonade this week.


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