In which I ramble a bit

Today’s post being a post about poetry, friendship, and cat videos.

It’s all sort of connected, really. It’s been a weird sort of week with lots of things going on. I’m feeling joyful because last week I had a massive toothache, but I got the tooth pulled last Monday and it’s been getting steadily better all week. It’s amazing how much the absence of crushing pain makes one appreciate the normal state of affairs. I’m feeling grateful for a dentist who would work with me. Huzzah!

I’ve been experimenting with poetry. I’ve been writing lots of haiku, which you may know, and I’ve been trying adding some fiction elements to the form, partly as a way to experiment with plotting which feels like my writing kryptonite. I’ve committed to a story in haiku about a train journey. I add to it every day, and so far, so good. If I fail to figure out plot as I go the train will crash. It could happen, but the fact that I post it on a public page has helped me to face some of my demons. If you want to see where it’s going so far, you can check it out here.

I also had a grand time going to the cat video film festival. It was held at the Showbox theater, an enchanting Seattle venue full of faded glamour and elaborate chandeliers. It was also full of people who loved cat videos and we all had a great time. A nice blogger from the UW took my picture and that of my friend, and wrote up a fun article with links to some of the cat videos. The picture got into the slide show in the article. If you decide to take a peek,  I’m the one in the mohawk with the tiger cat ears and my friend is wearing a black kitty mask. It was a fantastic evening.

The film festival also got me thinking about poetry. I’ll lead you with me, and there we’ll stop. My favorite cat video of the night is one I hadn’t seen before. It’s called “Boots and Cats” and it’s an elaborate rhythm poem about two main things. I bet you can guess what they are… It’s amazing that something so simple has such an impact as poetry. I am still pondering it, and would recommend you view the video if you want to see something cool. It’s pretty nifty even if you don’t like either boots or cats.

The week was rich in experience although random in tone. I’m happy to make my own kaleidoscope out of the bits and pieces. What’s your kaleidoscope look like?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
273. Take a few moments to think about your week as a whole. What would you put on your highlights reel? What would you rather leave out? Did you discover anything new?


I exalt the fool

I was feeling a little overwhelmed this weekend, so I packed some boxes but decided not to push myself too hard. I’m ahead of schedule on moving duties, so I had time to take a day or two off. I needed it. Sometimes it’s more important to take time to feel better than it is to plow through. When I get some rest I’ll get a lot more done in a shorter time.

I read a mystery novel, I did some planning. Best of all, I watched comedy videos. I love stand-up comedians. I remember listening to Bill Cosby records as a kid. My best friend had them all, and we would laugh ourselves silly over Fat Albert and the story of Noah. As I grew up I bought my own records, falling in love with Dr. Demento, Allan Sherman and Tom Lehrer. I worshipped Steve Martin and Robin Williams when they first became popular, and once I had a television I would gravitate towards the programs that featured comedians.

I still love comedy albums, and I buy them used when I can find them. If someone is funny enough, I can listen to the routine over and over again. I’m still playing Bill Cosby. To my brother, Russell, whom I slept with is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, and it has only gotten better with time. Yesterday I watched videos of Ron White and the Blue Collar Comedy tour. Ron White cracks me up—he knows just how to pause for maximum effect. I watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour videos because of Ron White, but I found all four comedians funny.

I also find comedy interesting as an art form. As a writer, it intrigues me to see what I find amusing and why. I notice the structure of it, even as I’m laughing, and that helps me to use humor in my own speaking and writing. I really appreciate a performer who has perfected the craft of comedy. Making people laugh is hard work, and I don’t think people appreciate how vital stand-ups are to our national health. I certainly need them. By Sunday evening I’d gotten my sanity—and my sense of humor—back.  I think it was a very productive weekend.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

101. Find some stand-up comedy and prepare to laugh yourself silly. Did you like the comedian you chose? Why or why not?