In which I ramble a bit

Today’s post being a post about poetry, friendship, and cat videos.

It’s all sort of connected, really. It’s been a weird sort of week with lots of things going on. I’m feeling joyful because last week I had a massive toothache, but I got the tooth pulled last Monday and it’s been getting steadily better all week. It’s amazing how much the absence of crushing pain makes one appreciate the normal state of affairs. I’m feeling grateful for a dentist who would work with me. Huzzah!

I’ve been experimenting with poetry. I’ve been writing lots of haiku, which you may know, and I’ve been trying adding some fiction elements to the form, partly as a way to experiment with plotting which feels like my writing kryptonite. I’ve committed to a story in haiku about a train journey. I add to it every day, and so far, so good. If I fail to figure out plot as I go the train will crash. It could happen, but the fact that I post it on a public page has helped me to face some of my demons. If you want to see where it’s going so far, you can check it out here.

I also had a grand time going to the cat video film festival. It was held at the Showbox theater, an enchanting Seattle venue full of faded glamour and elaborate chandeliers. It was also full of people who loved cat videos and we all had a great time. A nice blogger from the UW took my picture and that of my friend, and wrote up a fun article with links to some of the cat videos. The picture got into the slide show in the article. If you decide to take a peek,  I’m the one in the mohawk with the tiger cat ears and my friend is wearing a black kitty mask. It was a fantastic evening.

The film festival also got me thinking about poetry. I’ll lead you with me, and there we’ll stop. My favorite cat video of the night is one I hadn’t seen before. It’s called “Boots and Cats” and it’s an elaborate rhythm poem about two main things. I bet you can guess what they are… It’s amazing that something so simple has such an impact as poetry. I am still pondering it, and would recommend you view the video if you want to see something cool. It’s pretty nifty even if you don’t like either boots or cats.

The week was rich in experience although random in tone. I’m happy to make my own kaleidoscope out of the bits and pieces. What’s your kaleidoscope look like?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
273. Take a few moments to think about your week as a whole. What would you put on your highlights reel? What would you rather leave out? Did you discover anything new?


Right there on the wall

I walked over to Cafe Ladro the other day for a cup of coffee to bring back to work. I looked up, and there was a sign from above—literally. The sign was part of an art display and it said something very important in big letters. The sign said LUCKY YOU. Wow. I was running back to work, so I didn’t get the artist’s name. I want to go back, because I want to know who to thank.

LUCKY YOU. Lucky me, indeed. I’m like most people, in that there are a number of things in my life that just aren’t perfection, and I’m working on adjusting that. I do not yet have the ideal job, and I’d like to be more fit. These are goals I’m working towards. While I struggle with these daily issues it’s nice to have a little reminder of those things I do have to be grateful for. The list is long. I have the best friends, and I’ve been going dancing. I live with a marvelous cat. Apparently the universe loves me, too, because I rode the bus this morning holding my phone number, and my missed connection from yesterday was riding again. We were both so happy to see each other, and we’re going to meet for coffee soon. The sun is shining, and the only clouds in the sky are those fluffy, friendly-looking ones. I am so lucky I don’t have enough words to describe it.

Sometimes I get so bogged down in details that I forget to look up and appreciate things. I’m going to make my own little sign for my bedroom. I want to remember. It’s only polite to give thanks. That cup of coffee was a bigger pick-me-up than the caffeine it contained.

Seattle is considerate to me. She posts these little signs in my path, much like people put love notes in their partner’s lunch bags. When I was too busy with life worries to work on my novel, Seattle reminded me by leaving little stickers all over bridges and telephone poles that said “Daphne” in Gothic lettering. Daphne is the name of my main character. I appreciated the hint, and I made some time for my writing. It’s nice that the universe reminds me to put joy first. I thank her.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

59. Make your own LUCKY YOU sign, and place it somewhere where you will occasionally look up and see it. Why are you lucky? Make a list.

In my beautiful balloon

I had one of those days. You know them—the I’ve just met my worst nightmare in the dark alley of my psyche and there’s no place to hide days. I won’t describe it to you, because you’ve been there, and I don’t want to bring you back. Most people don’t need help being more cynical, and I am not about to teach a master class. In fact, I’m not planning to stay in this mood myself.

How will I crawl out? I’ve got my plans, and I’ve already started putting them into play. I read my e-mail, I checked my messages, I watched some pigeons. I felt my friends around me even as they are scattered across the country, involved in their own daily routines. On a day full of frustration, it helps to remember how interconnected I am with magical people. Just thinking about my loved ones brings on a hug from the universe. I am hugging you all back.

This girl needed a treat, so I stopped and bought a few used CDs. I knew that some new music would help more than an ice cream sundae I would later regret. My selections amused the man at the counter, too, which made me smile. He told me it’s the first time he’d ever rung up Kenny Chesney and Laurie Anderson in the same sale. Considering that one is a country star with a big hat and the other is a darling of the avant garde, it may just be. What can I say? I’ve got eclectic taste.

Now I’m home, and I’ve just spent ten minutes lavishing attention on my loving feline housemate. He’s in a good mood, and I think I’ve caught a little bit of his enthusiasm. The power of an orange tabby in vibrate mode should not be underestimated. The hot shower and soft pajamas didn’t hurt, either. I’m actually looking forward to the rest of my evening. Mission accomplished!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

39. You have the power to change your own mood—you can either sink deeper into a bad one or put your fingers on the edge of the big black hole and climb towards the light. Next time you’re in a funk, try it. If you’re in a good mood, climb higher to a great one.