Look around you

Today I’ve just got to gush—look out for the puddles! I love design, especially design produced in the Forties, Fifties and the Sixties. I love the toasters, their rounded chrome edges gleaming from the countertop. I’ve worshipped many an enamel-topped table in my time, and I adore buildings from that era. Add wheels to that brilliant aesthetic, and my joy goes to whole new levels. I love old planes, trains, motorcycles and even scooters. Cars are my ultimate design fixation, but mine is a somewhat shallow worship. I don’t care what’s under the hood. It doesn’t matter to me if the Keebler elves are making an automobile go. I just love how they look.

I could bore you to death talking about port holes, hood birds and tailfins. I admire a nice running board, and the right grille on a car is like a smile from a sweetheart. I love the much-maligned Edsel, because it has one of those grilles, and I admire the classic pink Cadillac, circa 1959, with all of its overstated decadence. My very favorite car is the 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. It has perfect tiny tailfins, a two-toned swoop of color and abundant chrome. I think I’d even have one in my apartment if I could. Those babies are stunning, from the radios to the upholstery. Small details make a big difference.

I’m glad that some automakers are putting the pizzazz back into transportation. I love the curvy new Volkswagen—it has a flower vase in the dashboard. The Mini-Cooper makes my heart sing. I’m also glad that retailers like Target have started to bring back art to everyday objects like kitchen utensils. I like to surround myself with useful loveliness, and I need to do it on a budget.

As I get ready to move, I plan to keep an eye on those details so that my new apartment will more quickly become a home. I know that there are a lot of places out there. I’m holding out for my kind of pretty. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

103. Look at the designed environment around you. What elements do you particularly enjoy—what colors, shapes, and textures? How can you bring a little bit more of that into your home right now?


Que bella!

Special Note: My blog is veering from its usual format for a few days as I take time to attend the Emerald City Hoedown, a three day celebration of country music and dancing. I’m going to be really busy dancing and socializing—it’s like a mini-vacation right here in Seattle. Yay! Pigeons will return to its usual format on Tuesday, April 29th. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the change of pace.

Today is the final installment in my vacation format. I’m sure that while you’re reading this I’m recovering from a very joyful and energetic weekend. Yee Haw! I’ll be back to my usual tricks tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll share another online pleasure. I’ve told you before that I love design and the glories of our manufactured world. My brother, who feels as I do, shared these sites with me, warning that I might become addicted. Indeed I have. NOTCOT provides two sites that I love, NOTCOT.com, a blog; and NOTCOT.org  which is more like a visual compendium of links. Here you’ll find the latest in design trends of all kinds–the sleek and the silly, the practical and the inspired. The site’s name stands for Not Couture, implying that good design is both practical and for everyone, not just those with fat wallets. It’s a mission I stand by. Since the site is so visually oriented, I’ll excerpt a bit of their About page, and let them explain themselves.

* WHAT IS NOTCOT? (From Notcot.COM, by various authors)

Design Network of sites reaching over 2.5 million pageviews monthly.

NOTCOT Inc is a growing network of design sites currently including NOTCOT.com and innovative community contributed sites NOTCOT.org + TasteSpotting.com + NotCouture.com.

NOTCOT is a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements. NOTCOT’s two sites have become the daily sources of inspiration for creatives everywhere, fighting the good fight against “creative block” since 2005 with visually stunning imagery, the latest in international trends, and a passion for all things well designed.

NOTCOT.ORG is a community of creatives, design lovers, and trendsetters – where .org serves as the studio bulletin board gone digital – Continued at http://www.notcot.com/about/story/

Tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual format. Who knows what I’ll get up to? Come back and see!

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

90.  Find an object in your house that strikes you as particularly beautiful. What about the design makes it that way?