The magic mirror all around us

Mirrors are a source of magic and of peril, and they are all around us. There are the common looking glasses we use every day to make sure our hair is combed and there is no spinach stuck in our teeth. Random reflective surfaces display our own images back at us. We can also use people as mirrors, seeing ourselves in the feedback they share.

Feedback is helpful, and it’s useful to be able to see your own reflection, but mirrors can distort things. We’ve all seen funhouse mirrors that can make us look fatter or slimmer than we really are. It’s important to be careful when we use people as mirrors because they can cause similar distortions.

Much of the harm that comes about in this universe comes when people believe lies that other people have told them about themselves. I have been told various untrue things throughout the years, including the “fact” that I am uncoordinated. My dancing partners don’t agree, but this lie held me back for a long time. When you believe something, you give it power.

When used properly, you can learn a lot by using close friends to show you an accurate reflection. You have to understand that they filter everything through their own perspective, but people who know you really well can tell you things that you are too close to see. I’ve realized a number of very important truths in the few years due to the insight of friends. This has allowed me to get out of my own way and make progress. I could not have done that on my own, and I am grateful for what they have shown me.

I’ve also polished my own inner mirror to a bright shine. This is the most important mirror you have. Still yourself and look within. Does what you see there make sense with what you are being told? You need to listen deeply enough to get beyond the lies you may have internalized and find your own truth. This can be hard work, but ultimately you have to trust yourself and go beyond the chattering monkeys of your mind. You have the power to use mirrors for good. It is a powerful magic that is always waiting for you.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:
262. Examine something that someone you know has told you about yourself. Is it a true reflection or a distortion of some kind? If it’s a distortion, think about why that might be–some people cannot see clearly enough themselves to give good feedback, while others are people that don’t belong in your life. Look in your inner mirror to find out which is which.