Post-game analysis

I’ve finally crossed that line. Here’s my last NaNoWriMo post for quite some time. I’m definitely going back to blog topics as usual tomorrow. I certified my win today, and got my new winner badge. Since my techno-damsel side is still whimpering in the corner from earlier battles, she did not get up to fight me. I got the new badge posted quickly. She may not recover from my string of technical triumphs.

I’m glad I took on this challenge. It proved to me that I can write fiction on command, and that my muses will provide for me if I keep my butt in a chair and face the demons of the blank page. That is a valuable lesson. I also enjoyed the community spirit of the whole thing. Seattle is still beating every other region doing this, and that includes international ones. We have a higher word count than lots of small countries in Europe, and we’re beating higher population centers as well. We are far ahead of New York City, currently in 7th place, and our rivals to the south, Portland. Portland is in ninth place. I feel proud of my adopted home.

I plan to keep on challenging myself, and I’ll probably use the buddy system to enforce my goals. I wrote my first whole novel as homework for some friends of mine. I call them the Evil Homework Twins. I think I may enlist one of the twins for a daily poetry assignment in the near future. I truly believe I can rise to the challenges I set for myself. That belief helps me to succeed. I approach these things with a good attitude, and that helps no matter what the task is that approaches.

Since I’m going back to my usual format, I’ll give you some homework, too.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

199. Set yourself a challenge today. Make your goal something a little bit harder than you would normally attempt. Then tell a friend, enlist support and just do it!


I won I won

I succeeded in my NaNoWriMo challenge on Friday, when I reached 50,055 words. That was day twenty-one. I think I’ll probably add a few more, just to even out the end, but I am proud of myself. I wrote all those words in twenty-one days, which means I can do it again. Hurray! My regular blog should be back tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll have more of a chance to hit the internet next week. Be well!

See you tomorrow!

Exceeding the pace

Here it is, day eighteen of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I haven’t written today’s words yet—that’ll probably happen tonight—but I am currently at 44,448 words. I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

The pace is requiring me to come up with things whether I feel inspired or not, and I think that’s good practice. I’ll probably change some details during the revision process, but I’m sure I’ll also keep quite a bit of what I’ve written.

As much as I’m enjoying the intensity of the challenge, I’m also looking forward to getting back to my regular blog writing. I’ve seen some things that want to go into the blog in my usual way, and I have not had the chance to include them yet. At this pace, I expect to be able to start back to my regular blogging by next week.

In the meantime, I’m going to let my fingers fly across the keyboard!

See you tomorrow!

He also likes Bacos

16 November 2008

Well, the writing party is winding down here at the Seattle coffee shop where I’m sitting, and here’s my latest total—I am currently at 40,180 words. I added 1767 words today, 2627 on Saturday, and 2568 on Friday. Now I’m going to go home and bake cake, because it will make my apartment seem homey. Of course, the cake will be tasty, too, but what I’m really going for today is the warm scent of fresh baked goods in the air. I’m feeling a little run down, and I want to cuddle into my apartment with a cup of tea and a fluffy blanket.

We had quite a few people at our write-in today, and discovered the Maryland is slightly ahead of Seattle in the word count now. We will surpass them again soon. I have no fear, but in the meantime we have decided to invoke a special Seattle saint, Saint Archie McPhee. It is rumored that if you propitiate him with coffee and microbrews he will give you a high word count. Who am I to discount these rumors about the saint who had the miracle of the devil ducks?

See you tomorrow!

Not trigger happy

Wow. It’s the end of week two, and I’ve already written 33,218 words on my novel, and that doesn’t count today’s words which are still tucked away in a notebook. I should hit over 35,000 words by the end of the day.

It’s going fairly well, although the draft is very rough—a rode hard and put away wet, three days of five-o-clock shadow sort of thing in not very clean pajamas. It will need some work. Still, I’m enjoying the whole thing immensely. I don’t usually write over seventeen thousand words a week. This is progress, and proof to myself that I am capable of the feat. That is exciting.

I’m also hitting some areas that simply need to be researched, which will happen outside of the boundaries of this month. I’m writing a mystery, and since I’ve never been a cop or a murderer, there are some details I need to learn about through books. I have done some hands-on research—I once shot a paper target in a very delicate part of his anatomy with a gun I was afraid to even touch. It was a very educational experience, and I have no more to fear from paper targets. They’ve stopped stalking me at night, and that’s all I asked for.

So, the headlong rush to completion continues. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

See you tomorrow!

Play with words today

It’s been several days since I posted on my blog, but that’s not because NaNoWriMo has driven me stark raving mad. I don’t have internet at home, and I simply haven’t been anywhere I can post. I wish I had—their website is often hard to access and so far Seattle is leading the word count. I want to update my word count and keep us in the running.

Here’s the scoop on words—I’m currently at 31,392 words. I haven’t yet typed in today’s count. I’m writing in the notebook again today because that’s what’s easiest with the rest of my schedule.

One thing I’m really enjoying about the experience is the extra traffic that it’s bringing to my blog, and the kind comments people are leaving for me. I really appreciate that, as I often write with very little feedback. It’s great to know that when I send my words out into the void they are reaching someone who enjoys reading them. I enjoy reading the comments, too, and seeing the other blogs they lead to. Let us all keep writing!

See you tomorrow!